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Vietnamese Airlines Continue to Grow

Vietnamese Airlines Continue to Grow

March 4th, 2019

1 min read

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It was as good a time as any to announce new Boeing orders. President Trump was in town for a meeting with his North Korean counterpart last week. So VietJet, Vietnam’s largest low-cost carrier, used the occasion to finalize a deal for 100 B737-MAXs first placed at last summer’s Farnborough Airshow (where it incidentally ordered 50 A321-NEOs too). A full 80 of these MAXs will be MAX 10s, the largest of the MAX variants. The other 20 will be MAX 8s. VietJet now has (gulp) 200 MAXs on order, not to mention 116 A321-NEOs. Today, it flies just 70 planes.

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