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Allegiant Bets on Boeing

Allegiant Bets on Boeing

January 10th, 2022

2 min read

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In the first week of the new year, Allegiant decided to make some news. The long-time Airbus operator ordered 50 Boeing 737 Max-family aircraft, with options for 50 more. Allegiant downplayed the news by saying it has operated a mixed fleet in the past (remember its MD-80s?) but it's still big news. It's a much-needed shot in the arm for beleaguered Boeing and the Max program. And it's a testament to the strength of the Airbus A320 program, because Allegiant's decision was informed in part by the long wait times for A320 deliveries, given Airbus's backlog.

In This Issue

  • Boeing Lands Allegiant After Two Big Airbus Defections
  • Weekly Skies

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