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JetBlue Sets Sights on Spirit

JetBlue Sets Sights on Spirit

April 11th, 2022

27 min read

Issue Summary

Well, that was a surprise. JetBlue, seemingly out of nowhere, announced a bid for Spirit. JetBlue's offer of $3.6 billion is $700 million more than what Frontier offered and could derail Frontier's bid. At first, the industry reacted with shock — no one saw it coming. But as the dust settled, the deal started to make sense. After all, it would allow JetBlue to acquire more (and compatible) aircraft and grow into a worthy competitor to the Big Four airlines. But the flip side is that JetBlue-Spirit isn't as obvious a combination as the tie up between two ULCCS like Frontier-Spirit.

In This Issue

  • Surprise Bid for Spirit Could Derail Deal With Frontier
  • Fleet
  • Sky Money
  • State of the Unions
  • Jet Green
  • Landing Strip
  • Routes and Networks
  • Feature Story

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