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Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising

May 23rd, 2022

33 min read

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Few places boomed like Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, did during the pandemic. People from all over the country were lured by its wide-open spaces, warm climate, relatively lower-cost real estate, and strong economy as Covid-19 raged, especially as remote working became a thing. And Sky Harbor, the city's airport, boomed in concert with the city it serves. Traffic is already at 95 percent of its pre-Covid level, and the airport soon could join the ranks of airports like Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Chicago O'Hare in handling more than 50 million annual passengers. We go in depth in this week's Feature Story.

In This Issue

  • From the Ashes of the Pandemic, Sky Harbor Soars
  • Weekly Skies
  • Fleet
  • Feature Story

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