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A New Quarter Beckons

Global Airports

A New Quarter Beckons

March 25th, 2024

29 min read

Issue Summary

Time is not the only thing that’s flying. We’ve now just about reached the second quarter of 2024, and airlines worldwide are planning an 8% increase in seat capacity versus the same quarter last year. East Asia’s big markets are finally getting back to normal. In other regions, airlines will fly more this year than last simply because they can, with labor and other fleet utilization constraints easing. Demand is still strong. Fuel has largely stayed at manageable levels. Now, imagine how much more airlines would be growing if Boeing was delivering planes on time, and if Airbus narrowbodies weren’t…

In This Issue

  • Pushing Back: Inside the Issue
  • Airline Weekly Lounge Podcast
  • Weekly Skies
  • Fleet
  • Routes and Networks
  • The Landing Strip: Airport Updates 
  • Feature Story

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