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United Tries to Put You to Sleep: Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 43

Jay Shabat
June 8th, 2016 at 12:52 AM EDT

United last week revealed its new premium experience named Polaris, which includes its business class cabin. Ironically, the big design features in the cabin are all about missing the experience, because United wants its passengers to sleep right through it. But in addition to being optimized for sleep, the cabin is also optimized for something else: seat density. Does United have the right formula here?

Also, how does Polaris compare to American’s and Delta’s business classes? Low oil prices are good for airlines in general, but are they good for airlines in oil markets? In this episode we do a quick survey of oil markets around the world and how their airlines are faring. Mexico’s Interjet posted a tepid profit in the first quarter. And American Airlines made a huge change to its loyalty program that was, well, yawn inducing.

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