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North America

Summer Sunshine for U.S. Airlines?

It’s shaping up to be a great summer for U.S. airlines. Strong demand. Constrained supply. Moderate fuel prices. Yet struggles are rife—from American’s distribution missteps to Southwest’s costs concerns, to…
Southeast Asia

ASEAN’s Awakening 

Better late than never. East Asia’s airline markets were slow to reopen and slow to recover post-Covid. But in Southeast Asia, or more specifically the ASEAN region, a demand revival…
Low-Cost Airlines

Europe’s Walmart in the Sky

Three of the world’s most exciting, ambitious, and successful airlines reported earnings last week. Ireland’s Ryanair, Turkish Airlines, and India’s IndiGo are all playing at the top of their game,…
Middle East

Flying High in Dubai

Yes, information is limited. But there’s more than sufficient evidence to declare Emirates a thriving airline. In fact, it’s earning stronger profits than it ever did in the 2010s, thanks…

Europe’s High Hopes

Their first quarter figures weren’t pretty. But Lufthansa and Air France/KLM remain hopeful that strong demand—combined with short supply—will help them overcome rising costs. The all-important summer peak is fast…
The Americas

The Under and the Over

Caribbean overcapacity is one of many reasons why JetBlue can’t seem to stop its financial bleeding. American Airlines has a Caribbean overcapacity problem too. But in Mexico, the situation is…
Airline Rankings

The Airline Weekly Earnings Scoreboard

United and Alaska joined the earnings parade last week. More on that in a second. First, there’s growing chatter about a possible mega-merger in South America, pairing the Brazilian carriers…

Skift Travel 200 Aviation Performance

The Skift Travel 200 combines the financial performance of nearly 200 travel companies worth more than a trillion dollars into a single number. The ST200 makes it easy to track travel industry performance for the first time ever.

What am I looking at? The performance of the airlines sub-sectors within the ST200

How to read this chart: The airlines sector can be further divided into sub-sectors. This chart shows how each of these segments has performed relative to one another and helps us understanding what is driving broader airlines performance.

Learn more about the ST200 by reading our full methodology.

Airline Weekly Lounge Podcast

March 2023

The Challenge With Long-Haul, Low-Cost Airlines

An in-depth analysis of the challenges encountered by the long-haul, low-cost business model, which has struggled to gain momentum and has seen several airline failures. Despite targeting lucrative international markets, the business model has encountered significant obstacles.

December 2023

Modern Airline Retailing and Airline Distribution

The noticeable acceleration in the implementation of distribution changes in recent years has placed airlines in a favorable position, granting them greater autonomy over their inventory and reducing their reliance on Travel Management Companies (TMCs) compared to the past.

October 2023

U.S. Heavyweights in 20 Charts: Delta vs United vs American

When comparing Delta, United, and American Airlines, which operate in similar markets with comparable business models and market shares, are there any particular metrics that highlight an edge one airline has over the others? Interestingly, there are.

Skift Aviation Forum

Watch complete sessions from Skift Aviation Forum, held in Fort Worth, TX in November 2023.

View more sessions on YouTube.

Jeff Knittel, Chairman and CEO, Airbus Americas, Inc. spoke with Sarah Kopit, Editor-in-Chief, Skift
Steven Udvar-Házy, Executive Chairman of the Board at Air Lease Corporation, spoke with Brian Sumers, Founder and Editor of The Airline Observer

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