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Korean Competitive Crunch: Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 53

Jay Shabat
August 16th, 2016 at 10:00 PM EDT

Korean carriers Asiana and Korean Air are being squeezed between rapid growth from Chinese carriers and new capacity coming out of Japan. But nonetheless, the two Korean carriers posted some of the most improved earnings among widebody carriers worldwide. Japan Airlines and All Nippon, meanwhile, both regressed in their year-over-year earnings despite a strengthening yen and lower fuel costs. Dismal demand is the culprit.

In South America, LATAM is wrestling with the economic breakdown in Brazil as well as pressures to the global cargo market. Jet Airways posted its fifth consecutive profitable quarter. Cebu Pacific continues to take the world by storm. Air Berlin continues to struggle. And Garuda posted one of the worst declines in year-over-year Q2 profits. And lastly, is Delta making the right bet with its newly unveiled Delta One suite?

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