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Qantas’ Down Under Wonder: Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 54

Jay Shabat
September 6th, 2016

Qantas reported a best-ever annual result. Not bad for a company that’s 95 years old. And not bad for a company that was barely breaking even just a few years ago. Virgin Australia, on the other hand, with a 2% operating margin, isn’t breaking any records—well, any records you’d want to break, that is.

And then across the Tasman Sea is Air New Zealand… way out there… all alone… with nothing to keep it company except a whopping 15% operating margin. From there, things take a bad turn as we check in on a number of troubled carriers in the world. Turkish Airlines, Pegasus, Gol and Nok Air all had tales of woe in the second quarter (although Gol’s tale of woe at least was a lot better than it was a year ago). Finnair is also doing better, but how good is that? And lastly, will Scott Kirby’s arrival at United give the airline enough star power to finally deliver on its vaunted potential?

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