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An A.I. Revolution for India? 

Is Air India on course to revolutionize its country’s airline industry, and its economy? There might just be an A.I. revolution underway. IndiGo, too, and a young upstart named Akasa,…
Global Airports

A New Quarter Beckons

Time is not the only thing that’s flying. We’ve now just about reached the second quarter of 2024, and airlines worldwide are planning an 8% increase in seat capacity versus…

Lufthansa’s Lufthansa Problem

The Lufthansa Group is trying to field a championship football squad. But the team captain isn’t playing well. Its name is Lufthansa. What’s wrong with the German airline, and can…
North America


American Airlines has got problems. There’s no disputing that. It shows in its lagging margins. But does it have solutions?
Latin America

The South American Airline Paradox

Pity the airlines of South America. So many bankruptcies and near bankruptcies. Must be an awful market. 
North America

Canada Goosed

Air Canada has just delivered its best year since 2015 and is now one of the region's most profitable airlines. Will the good times last? We probe this question and…
Middle East

Jazz Funk: Kuwait’s Jazeera Airways Hits A Rough Patch

In this week’s edition, the Gulf Middle East takes center stage with a profile of Kuwait’s Jazeera Airways. Though rather small, Jazeera’s difficulties with overcapacity are afflicting carriers of all…
Global Airports

Welcome to Club 50 Million

They’re yellow. They’re black. An airport full of Spirit airplanes kind of looks like a swarm of bumblebees. Well, the airline’s investors were stung with a nasty net loss in…

Who You Calling Stupid?

Ryanair’s tailwinds are certainly not fading. The Irish LCC—arguably the most successful airline that ever flew—had another great year in 2023, never mind some routine wintertime losses. JetBlue, on the…
North America

United in the Spotlight

Where to begin? Boeing’s mounting woes? Another major airline bankruptcy? The latest in Q4 airline earnings?